Solving the 3 Key Cash Application Problems

Cashbook helps organizations achieve spectacular levels of automation in Cash Application, Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation. We also offer other highly useful tools such as OCR, Lockbox and Customer Portal automation. See how the world’s most intelligent ERP and Bank integration platform, with industry-leading matching capabilities, massively reduces manual workload. Get your Banks and ERPs talking. Trusted, tailored software from cashflow specialists.

Cash application is a challenge for most businesses. Although declining in use, checks continue to be a popular payment method and with lockboxes, various remittance file types, decoupled remittance information and more, many organizations are struggling to manage the workload.

Watch as 
Cashbook's CEO Greg Coulter, and Versapay’s Bob Stark, discuss common cash application challenges and how to solve them. Greg brings over 20 years of experience in cash management solutions to the table and helps us shed light on OCR, offline cash application vs. online cash application, and cash management automation. 

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Greg Coulter

Chief Executive Officer   Cashbook

Bob Stark

Chief Marketing Officer Versapay

Speakers on the Panel

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Watch the Webinar to Learn:

  • Key cash application challenges
  • The power and potential of online cash application
  • The tools required to effectively manage all cash application challenges