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Virtual Card Receivables Service Explained

Mastercard’s Straight Through Processing is a free service that transforms the way businesses accept and process Virtual Card payments.  No more receiving virtual cards in emails, faxes or over the phone, and no more manual entry.  With Mastercard’s Straight Through Processing your acquirer receives the card directly and funds for approved transactions are delivered automatically to your bank account.

By accepting Straight Through Processing, payments you are provided access to Mastercard’s free Virtual Card Receivables Service (VCRS).  The VCRS is a free way to digitize the reconciliation of virtual card payments for businesses, simplifying transactions between you and your buyers. The VCRS removes the manual effort required to reconcile virtual card payments by automatically pulling remittance data from all your qualifying virtual card payments and delivers them to you where and how you need it.

Beyond simply removing the time and effort required to accept virtual card payments, the VCRS provides you with an easy to access portal where you can view all of your virtual card payments, from all of your buyers, in one place. With that level of visibility, the VCRS also enables in-depth and flexible reporting so that you can better forecast and manage cash flow.

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Eliminate the tireless and time-intensive process of manually reconciling incoming Virtual Card payments.

Automated Reconciliation

Complete Visibility

See all Virtual Card payments across all of your buyers in one secure, easy-to-access location.

Improve Cash Flow

Enables touch-free payment processing for suppliers

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Simplify and Streamline the Process of Reconciling Virtual Card Payments

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